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Professional Tax Representation

When a case involves an operating business, aggressive IRS collections action such as a bank or wage levy, or if a taxpayer has a complicated tax situation that needs extra attention, we always recommend Professional Representation. Professional Representation is also useful if a taxpayer does not have much time or is uncomfortable speaking to the IRS on their own.

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Representation is a very powerful tool you can use to "even the odds" when you must deal with the IRS. As you may have experienced, IRS agents can be very intimidating, even bullying, when they are making demands on the taxpayer. They tend to be less forceful and more reasonable when they must address themselves to a Professional Representative, such as an Attorney or Enrolled Agent.

You, as a taxpayer, probably do not know all the rules and formulas that are applicable to your situation. The Agent does, but usually only reveals the portion they want you to know, not the portion that would be helpful to you. The agent's job, after all, is to collect money from you, NOT TO BE YOUR FRIEND! Even a friendly IRS agent, is still an IRS agent.

You need a friend in YOUR corner. That friend is your Professional Representative. At National Tax Relief, we have Experienced Tax Attorneys and Enrolled Agents who deal with the IRS every day and can present your case to the IRS on its own terms, with full knowledge of all the rules and regulations. At National Tax Relief, WE HAVE THE BEST TAX PROFESSIONALS IN THE BUSINESS. If you have a large, overdue tax bill or need help dealing with the collection branch of the IRS, National Tax Relief is here to help you. Helping taxpayers arrange settlements with the IRS is our specialty, we do it every day and have helped thousands of taxpayers each year for 15 years running.


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