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NTR Tax Help Philosophy
National Tax Relief is dedicated to helping individual and small business taxpayers find permanent solutions to difficult tax problems. We want to ensure the best possible tax resolution available to each client under the law. Our basic tax help philosophy is very simple. It involves, first, researching a client's tax record to determine what steps need to be taken to get them back into tax compliance. Next, we work with the client to correct any errors in their tax records by filing any missing tax returns or correcting returns which have been filed incorrectly by the IRS or the state. Once these step have been taken and we have a clear and accurate picture of what the client actually owes, we then analyze the client's current financial situation to determine what kinds of tax settlement or tax reduction procedures the client may qualify for. These procedures may include the Offer in Compromise, Penalty Abatement or other tax debt resolution options. Finally, once our research and analysis is complete, we work with the client to determine the tax repayment options which will work best for them, and then negotiate the best deal possible with the IRS or the State.

We specialize in a wide range of services to provide professional advice, information and assistance to taxpayers and businesses with large and overdue back Tax debts. Our staff is dedicated to working with both the client and the IRS or State to arrange settlement terms that are favorable to our clients and acceptable to the IRS. Very often, we can arrange settlements that will allow a client to settle his or her tax debt for "pennies on the dollar" by using the Offer in Compromise Program.

"I was skeptical when I received your solicitation offering to help me solve my horrendous IRS problem. Now, a year later, I want to offer you my profound thanks. You showed me how to do it, and I never could have otherwise. And you did it for a very reasonable price." 
- John

We Make Sure You Get the Best Deal Possible!

IRS Back Tax Settlement Help, IRS Tax Help, Tax HelpOur approach to the Offer in Compromise and other forms of tax relief is not based on hard line negotiation or confrontation with the IRS. Instead, we have studied how the IRS's own programs and procedures can be used to benefit our clients. The approach we have developed is very efficient; by using the methods that the IRS has already set up for tax resolution, our work can often be done without face to face contact with the IRS Agents. This is often easier and more efficient for everyone. We can completely resolve many client's tax problems simply by putting the right information on the right forms and seeing that it is sent to the right person at the IRS. It's all very simple and efficient for both the client and the IRS.

Unfortunately, not all cases will be that simple. For clients that require additional attention we also provide Professional Representation through our on-staff Tax Attorney and Enrolled Agents. Our Representation service is for cases where just filling out forms and sending them to the IRS will not be sufficient to provide relief. If a case involves wage or bank account levies, taxes for an operating business or presenting complicated financial statements to the IRS, Representation is strongly recommended. 

We Make Sure that you are Treated Fairly by the IRS

National Tax Relief is one of the oldest and most experienced practitioners in the field of tax debt resolution. We market our services nationally, and currently have clients in all 50 states and also some Americans living abroad. Last year, we listened to and advised thousands of clients, each with a different story and a different set of circumstances which caused them to get behind on their taxes. All told, we have helped tens of thousands of people since we first opened our doors in 1989. Because of this wealth of experience, our clients can be confident that our staff has the necessary knowledge to properly handle any situation. 


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