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IRS Tax Debt Settlement Satisfaction Guarantee:

If at any time within 15 days of your initial payment, and prior to completion of our work, you are unsatisfied for any reason or just change your mind, you need only ask for a refund. You need not state any reason, and you will be gladly and promptly refunded without question. Please be aware that this refund applies only to uncompleted work. Refunds for work done in direct negotiations with the IRS, completed or near completion will be refunded on a pro-rata basis.


In the unlikely event that the IRS turns down your request for IRS Tax Debt Settlement Relief, we will help with your appeal, should you decide to do so, for FREE. Our work is not complete until you get the relief you deserve from the IRS. If for any reason your Offer in Compromise or other Proposed Tax Resolution is not accepted, we will review the rejection letter and prepare a response for free. It is our goal to help you get relief on the first try, however, should anything go wrong you have our word that we will continue to work on your case until you get the right response from the IRS.


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