National Tax Relief Affiliate Program

We specialize in helping individuals and small businesses who are behind on their taxes. We are specifically interested in working with taxpayers with multiple years of unfiled tax returns, or with debts of greater than $10,000 to the IRS or State tax agencies.

Our typical customers are business owners, self employed individuals or independent contractors, plus many traditionally employed people who don't withhold enough or haven't filed tax returns. Tax Debtors come from all sections of society - Doctors, Truckers, Realtors, Construction contractors, Barbers, Fishermen, Computer Programmers, Lawyers - You name it.

Our Customers Need our Help YEARROUND - Not just during the tax season. The IRS estimates that there is a tax gap of around $350 billion dollars between what Americans actually owe in taxes and what the IRS is collecting each year. As a result - The IRS is increasing it's collection budget and going after people who aren't filing or aren't paying their taxes.

We are partnered with Commission Junction which runs our affiliate program - for more information or to sign up::

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We Are looking for Affiliates who can Direct Tax Debtors to our Site!

Program Info:

  • $11.00/lead - Price increases are available on an individual basis for Affiliates who generate leads of good quality and volume.
  • Lead form is located on
  • Minimum Tax Debt of $7500 or more than 2 years unfiled tax returns.
  • We will only pay for leads which contain valid information.

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Affiliate Program

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